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Legend Tianzishan Fire Culture Theme Park

 Legend Tianzishan Fire Culture Theme Park is located in Nanyue district south Tianzishan area of Hengyang city. It covers an area of about 961 acres. Included the construction area is 320 acres, matching landscape area is 641 acres. The project in cooperation with the international top brand--America Think Well Planning and Design Company, Profun Management Group (Theme Park Operations Management), introduction of international advanced design idea and management operation mode, depth excavate the cultural heritage of the Southern Mountain Fire.

The investment of project construction is nearly 20 billion, divided into three periods of development. According to the request of the government and the Legend's development concept will consist of two plates. The first part included Cultural theme park, the second part is Legend’s tourist supporting project—Zhu Rong Vulcan Town. The park ravaged by Zhu Rong Vulcan as the core, based on the landscape change with performance as the carrier, in religious rituals as a highlight, to sound, light, electricity high and new technology as a means, Flexible and diverse manifestations demonstrating to visitors the unique charm of Nanyue and giving an public leisure space to local citizens.

The construction and operation of Legend Tianzishan Fire Culture Theme Park will fill the blank of Nanyue tourism, Prompting and enhance the quality of Nanyue AAAAA scenic, Nanyue will become an international tourist destination with excellent quality and high grade.

Zhu Rong Feng

Spring of Nanyue

Summer of Nanyue

Autumn of Nanyue

Winter of Nanyue

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