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Legend Songyahu National wetland park in Changsha

Legend Songyahu National wetland Park in Changsha is located in the northeast part of Hunan Changsha and nearby Changsha National Economic and Technical Development area. It’s a large-scale integrated projects congregation: regulating flood control, urban safety drinking water, improving the urban ecological environment, improve the layout of the city, supporting functions and improve the urban lifestyle.

The project planning a total area of 16.97 square kilometers, it covers two parts of Songyahu ecological Park and Songya new urban, development and construction by Changsha government and Beida Jade Bird group.  

Songyahu Ecological Park relying on unique natural resources of Lake Songya, build around the lake on 7500 acres of Songyahu wetland. Integration of natural resources and modern technology, create a set of business, commerce, culture and entertainment in one of the world-class eco-center. Songyahu new urban is located nearby ecological park Songyahu, based on unique resources and terrain and creating a fusion of nature and modern urban world-class lifestyle. With the unique concept of advance planning.