Legend's Map_Legend Cultural Development Co. Ltd. 

Transport project in Nan Yue Heng Shan

Legend tourist investment Co.Ltd was incorporated inOctober 2007, officially launched in April 2008.In August, realize unitedoperation of Bus and Cableway within Spot. Investment founded: Hengyang LegendProperty Management Limited in August 2010. Legend and Nanyue District People'sGovernment signed an agreement in May 2012-- investment 1.8 billion to developof "Fire Culture" theme park in Tianzishan, Nanyue. Legend Industryestablished in November 2014.

Legend target to be the top class tour investment operator and culture-value-added service provider, It has formed set of scenic area green car, cableway, property management, tourism souvenirs, hotel, theme park in one integrated tourism group.

Won more than 40 awards and honor including the quality dependence AAA standardventures in Hunan province, Tax credit a kind of enterprise in Hunanprovince,Price integrity demonstration unit,the Model Primary Party Organization inHuNan Province's be Advanced and Excellent campaign, Is Model Unit inprotecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in HuNan Province,won first Heng Yang Charity Award,is the Most growing enterprise in HengYang, and the Consumer Credit-worthy Unit in Heng Yang... be the Model Unit ofWork security and the outstanding contribution Taxpayer in NanYue district for the past 6 years of development.