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Hai Long Tun

HAILONGTUNis a Tusi castle and located in Guizhou province Zunyi city with 700years history. HAILONGTUN was listed as national key cultural relic’s protectionunits in year 2001. Guizhou Province Institute of Archaeology submitted a nominationapplication to theState Administration of Cultural Heritage in 2013 March.

Beijingtime on July 4, 16, in the thirty-ninth session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, held in Bonn, Germany, joint application “ChineseTusi heritage” by Zunyi HAILONGTUN Tusi ruins, Hunan YONGSHUN laosi city ruins,Enshi, Hubei Tang cliff city ruins, was selected as world culturalheritage. HAILONGTUN is the item thirty-four of world cultural heritage in Chinaand also is the item forty-eight of world cultural heritage in the world. 

First time almost, the Deputy Director of Guizhou Provincial Institute of Archaeology—LiFei send a message writes: the first world cultural heritage in Guizhou!

Legendjoint ventures with local government, development on the premise of protectingHAILONGTUN. We will use the story content, tourists experience and service toreflect HAILONGTUNA as a symbol of China's Tusi system vicissitude andintegration. We are committed to build a success scenic spot ofworld-class with history and the humanities, a Integrated tourism and culturalresort. 

Zunyi HAILONGTUN World cultural heritage scenic spot opened officially to the public.

HAILONGTUNhas the extremely important significance to Improve residents' life,Optimize the environment of the area,development of multicultural, promoteGuizhou zunyi cooperation and exchange with the world.

Huichuandistrict will take this as a new starting point, Further improve archeology,protection, intensive care the world cultural heritage that the common wealthof mankind.

Makea colorful Guizhou more wonderful to make new greater contributions.