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Ba Da Ling Chadao Ancient City

The main business of Legend Culture Development Beijing Badaling is development and operation for Beijing Badaling Great Wall Scenic area surrounding. There are four projects in the planning.

Transportation interchange: improve existing scenic area traffic order, keeping the vehicles parked out of scenic area, and visitors will get entrance by exclusive shuttle vehicles or by walk.

Live performance: take the Great wall as the background, and tells everybody a story of China through high technology. This is a high quality project for Beijing municipal government and Yangqing district, and we hired the foreign team in Beijing Olympics opening ceremony--ECA2 for production.

The ancient city of Chadao modification works: use the existing ancient city surrounding Badaling(Was built in the Ming dynasty 1551, an important ancient military in front of the Badaling great wall)The original inhabitants of old housing transformation and environmental optimization, to create a new attractions with fully functional, rich cultural experience of Great wall. It planning by the famous American IBM, TIM, VOA and other design companies participated.

Badaling Resort Development ProjectTo meet the demand of residents and visitors. Legend is construction of hotel, museum, cultural and creative industries experience and base development at 6km from the protected area of the Great Wall.

The ancient city of Chadao


The bazaar of Chadao west

Hotel of Chadao east

Resort Area