About Us_Legend Cultural Development Co. Ltd. 

2007, Legend was registered and fund in NanyueDistrict, Hengyang City, Hunan Provenienc.

2008, Legend went into operation.

2009,Legend invested in Zhangjiajie of 60% share proportion.

2010,Songyahu Project Investment Company was fund by Legend in Changsha, lunched the‘Lake recovering’ construction.

2011, Legend acquired the shareholding of BeijingHeyuan Investment Co., Ltd and built Chuanshan Academy in Beijing.

2012, Legend Changbaishan limited Company was fund and invested byLegend. The company started operation in the same year.

2013, Ba Da Ling Great Wall Co., Ltd. was fund and invested by Legend. Inthe same year, the renovation of Ba Da Ling project sites construction lunched.

2013, Legend fund MR Profun Consulting Company inChina and started the operation.

2014, Legend Cultural Development Co., Ltd. wasrestructured.

2015,Legend fund Boao Antique Village in Hainan Provenience and Hailongtun inGuizhou Provenience.